It's our 1 year Anniversary and it's going to be a special month!!

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In honor of our 1 Year Anniversary, we have a very special month for you.

Who doesn't love a store wide sale. 

First and Foremost, for the month of August 2022, we have a 15% sale on all sealed and single products. 

Win big by making in store purchases. 

We're holding weekly raffles in August 2022 with an additional raffle at the end of the month!

How it works:

  • Beginning August 2nd, for every increment of $30 you spend in a transaction, you get 1 entry! (Exp. $45 in one transaction = 1 entry. $100 in one transaction = 3 entries. Two separate transactions of $20 = no entries)
  • You choose which raffle to be entered into (Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic)
  • We will take down your full name and a form of contact (email or phone)
  • The weekly raffle will be done every Sunday around 7 PM. 
  • The weekly prize is a booster box of either Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic. Limited to the standard/core booster and what we have available.

We will also be doing one final raffle at the end of the month that includes all of the entries for the entire month!

  • Final raffle will be held on August 31st!
  • The prize selection is pictured below. You will get your pick on one of the sets in the picture. 

Good luck!

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